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Milky Stone

Milky Stone

Healthy life with hydrogen

CE: CTS-R19-0092 from 2.1.2018

A revolutionary breakthrough - hydrogen

The hydrogen generator is designed directly into the water

  • In the kitchen - various food
  • rinsing fruit and vegetables (eliminates pesticides)
  • eliminates various odours from fish or meat
  • eliminates foreign odours from various dishware
  • Hygienic area - washing new-born and baby clothes
  • in the bathtub - full body bath, healing bath
  • face washing, face and body spray
  • hair washing


Continuous hydration energy for 8 hours, hydrogen water becomes negatively ionized and penetrates deep into the skin thanks to fine 5 Nano particles

As a result, the hydrating power is maintained for 8 hours. If you spray yourself with water twice a day, you will have moist, supple and beautiful skin. Bleaching effect - Tyrosinase enzyme, which forms a melanin pigment, is produced by active oxygen. Hydrogen water with a high concentration of 800 ppb. Milky stone neutralizes active oxygen (OH) and produces water. The result is a reduction in melanin and a maximization of bleach.

Improvement of contractions and wrinkle pores - hydrogen water only measures 5 nm, which is 1/5000 smaller than a pore, and it removes waste in the pores and causes pore contraction. In addition, hydrogen water is rich in gas, which neutralizes the main reason for ageing, i.e. active oxygen, thereby improving wrinkles

  • Eliminates acne and sterilizes
  • Hydrogen water is rich in OH Radical, and it eliminates every type of bacteria and virus, which cause odours in the skin. Hydrogen water sterilizes bacteria and viruses in 5 seconds and takes effect 2,000 times faster than ozone sterilization


eliminates 99% of the following bacteria and viruses:

MRS (ATCC33591), Trichophyton Rubrum (ATCC28188), Streptococcus Mutans (KTC3065), Candida Albicans (ATCC10231), Streptococcus Sanguinis (KCTC5293), Staphylococcus Aureus (ATCC6538), Eschermonella K39, Aschermonella87) ATCC15442) This water is not intended for drinking !!!!!!!!!!!

Product specifications:

  • size approximately 120 mm height 42 mm
  • weight 390 g
  • built-in 7.2V 2600 mAh battery
  • 24W charging
  • One charge - approx. 25 x one-minute use or 8 x 15 minute uses
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